DC Micromotor Series 2642/2657 CXR

The Next Generation of Graphite Commutated DC Motors


Following the powerful CR series motor, MICROMO now offers the new CXR group of graphite commutated DC micro motors to include the 26 mm diameter version.

The new motors, the 2642 and the 2657, deliver from 23 to 35 mNm of continuous duty torque in compact dimensions. Using leading edge processes, the motors are constructed with high performance materials. 2642 & 2657 CXRThe 2642 and 2657 CXR can be used in combination with a wide range of standard servo components, which include high resolution, 3 channel optical or magnetic encoders, precision planetary gearheads and programmable speed controllers and motion controllers.

What makes the 26 mm CXR series unique? Flexibility, benchmark performance and long operational life combined with an attractive cost/performance ratio make the new 26 mm motor the optimal choice for a wide range of market applications.


Technical Data Series 2642...CXR Series 2657...CXR  
Dimensions 26/42 26/57 mm           
Nominal Voltage 12-48 12-48 V
Commutation Graphite Graphite  
Δn/ΔM 39 19 mNm
Temperature Range -30  to +100 -30  to +100 °C
Constant Torque 23 35 mNm
For Combination with IE3-256 (L) ​IE3-256 (L)  
for Combination with 26A, 26/1, 30/1, 32A 26A, 26/1, 30/1, 32A  

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