Linear Motors

Body Dimension 12.5 X 12.5 X 49.4 mm
Rod Diameter 6.31 mm
Rod Length 82 ... 154 mm
Continuous Force 3.09 ... 3.13 N
Peak Force 9.26 ... 9.40 N
Stroke Length 20 ... 80 mm
Resolution 6 µm
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MICROMO offers the QUICKSHAFT® LM0830, LM1247 and LM2070 linear DC servomotors for a wide variety of applications in markets such as medical devices, robotics and defense. High precision, high performance and rapid acceleration are key benefits of QUICKSHAFT®.

  • Usage flexibility can be customized across diverse requirements.
  • The self-supporting coil windings along with a high precision sliding cylinder (rod) filled with permanent magnets provide high performance-to-volume ratios.
  • Special calculation software allows easy setting of the control parameters, specifications, data and graphs
  • “Motion Manager” software allows quick configuration to optimize the motor with controller.
  • A complete QUICKSHAFT® System Starter Kit is available for plug-and-play.


1. Sleeve bearing
2. Support
3. Coil
4. Housing
5. Printed Circuit
6. Hall Sensor
7. Wire & Connector
8. Front Cover
9. Road with magnets

Linear DC Servomotors-QUICKSHAFT®

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